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  • Marchnata E-bost ac Awtomeiddio Marchnata E-bostclogyn

    Hidlo'ch Sŵn Cymdeithasol gyda Cloze

    If your inbox is as terrifying as mine, you find that key messages simply seem to fade away as the onslaught of new messages hit. I have come to terms with the fact that my social and email network has become unmanageable and I look forward to great tools that help me to filter and identify the connections that are…

  • Dadansoddeg a Phrofikana

    KANA Express: Rheoli Profiad Cwsmer

    We consult with many mid-size and large companies that decide to jump into a social marketing program only to find that they didn’t foresee the immediate demand on customer service. An unhappy customer doesn’t care that you opened a Twitter account or published a Facebook page for your marketing outreach… they’re going to take advantage of the medium to request…