Ebook: Beth yw Marchnata Cylch Bywyd?

Ebook marchnata cylch bywyd

Beth yw marchnata cylch bywyd? Yn ôl ein noddwyr awtomeiddio marchnata, marchnata cylch bywyd yw:

… Am sut mae sefydliadau'n rhyngweithio â rhagolygon a chwsmeriaid ar draws pob cam o'u perthynas â'u brand.

A yw'ch rhyngweithio yn helpu neu'n brifo'ch brand?

Ebook marchnata cylch bywydSales and marketing has changed drastically over the past 50 years, let alone the past decade. The funnel is not the same as it was. It isn't a linear path anymore – marketing automation is fueling the way for your customers to stay engaged, but make decisions at their own pace. You can still gather information about the customer profile while staying a distance, which is what most potential customer prefer these days.

50% of qualified leads aren't ready to buy, and the average sales cycle has increased by 33%.

This ebook delves into why lifecycle marketing and marketing automation is becoming even more important in today's age. It also goes into the different lifecycle stages involved in digital marketing. Without knowing where your prospects lie in the customer lifecycle, you won't be able to access their likelihood to convert of how to best engage with them.

Ydych chi'n defnyddio meddalwedd awtomeiddio marchnata i olrhain ac ymgysylltu â'ch cwsmeriaid? Pam neu pam lai?

Beth ydych chi'n feddwl?

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