Dim Canmoliaeth Gwell na hyn!

We've had a bunch of folks send us photos of Blogio Corfforaethol ar gyfer Dymis, but I'm not sure we'll get a better one than this! Valerie Strohl is a consultant and national public speaker who works with companies to improve their relationships with those with disabilities. We met when I led a regional workshop for the National Speaker's Association.

Valerie has been through the book and added notes for her, her business and even her husband's business. Valerie stopped by the office this morning and I asked if I could take a photo of the book… it's amazing!


It's so exhilarating to see the book like this! Signing autographs is pretty fun, but seeing the book like this and knowing that we can make a huge difference in Valerie's strategy to help her get her blog and business off the ground is beyond words. Once we help Valerie launch her blog and site, we'll announce it!

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    Mae hyn yn dangos enghraifft o lyfr gwaith o ddydd i ddydd. Tybed faint o lyfrau sy'n cyrraedd y statws hwn o gymharu â gweithiau unwaith eu darllen, eu hanner gorffen, eu rhoi i ffwrdd a'u hanghofio. Mor ysbrydoledig.

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